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  • Why do you need SMS marketing automation?
  • How can marketing automation help your business?
  • Advantages of SMS marketing

How can marketing automation help your business?

Today, startups and small businesses want to maximize their productivity and efficiency, while enhancing the effectiveness of their sales and marketing efforts to achieve higher ROIs.

Marketing automation can allow them to do just that. Businesses that adopted marketing automation saw:

  • 86% improved lead management and nurturing
  • 73% more measurable results
  • 55% of marketers using marketing automation saw higher revenues from campaigns
  • 66% better targeting and personalization with campaigns
  • 64% better campaign execution and tracking

(Source: “How small businesses can benefit from marketing automation”, Constant Contact, 02/24/2016)  

Further, the combination of marketing automation, SMS, and other channels like email or social media allows businesses to run effective drip campaigns. Unlike a regular campaign which you need to schedule manually every time you want to send a message, a drip campaign sends timed messages automatically.

Contrary to the general assumption that automated messages lack the personal touch, the opposite is actually true. Analytics and automation allow marketers to create drip campaigns and reach their customers with personalized messages and discounts to upsell or cross-sell to them. Such campaigns are also perfect for servicing leads, greeting new customers, and educating customers about their products or services.

For example, giving a potential customer a 20 percent off coupon to inspire her to make a purchase. Besides this, you could use SMS to offer them special perks with their first purchase, such as a free gift or free shipping. With marketing automation, SMS can thus be a standout channel for you which you can use to get customers to act on well-timed, targeted, and tailored messages.

Why do you need SMS marketing automation?

As a marketer for a small business or a startup, you know you face a huge challenge in terms of cutting through the noise and making your brand stand out. Simply converting leads into customers is not enough. You also need to retain them and give them enough value to keep them on board. Thus, using the wrong strategy or tools to engage the audience can end up costing you money, time, and customer trust.

SMS is a channel that’s extremely effective in grabbing the attention of customers. In fact, 64% of consumers prefer that businesses communicate with them through texts. That’s why it’s critical to leverage it to the maximum to get your brand and message out there. Moreover, when paired with email, SMS can deliver substantial returns. A recent study found that using both email and SMS together to engage audiences during a marketing campaign was 38% more effective in bringing revenues.

(Source: “Integrate text messaging with your CRM“, Clockwork, 01/29/2018)
(Source: “SMS & Email Campaigns Earn 38% Revenue During Valentine’s Day“, Martech Series, 02/20/2019)

Although businesses can send personalized and targeted messages to customers and prospects with SMS, creating and delivering those messages at scale can be tricky. That’s where SMS marketing automation can help by taking the guesswork and extra effort out of the equation. The result? More data-driven, tailored, and engaging messages for your audience.

Before launching a new marketing campaign, it is important to map out your objectives clearly as this can determine the effectiveness of the tools and methods you use. Begin by integrating your most fundamental marketing channels like SMS and email into your CRM and marketing automation system. Eventually, as your business grows, you can include other channels like social media into the automated ecosystem to scale up your marketing and engagement efforts.

Advantages of SMS Marketing


SMS marketing can deliver substantial returns on investments for businesses of all sizes without making a huge dent on the budget. For startups and SMBs in particular, text marketing can deliver higher and faster sales conversion rates than email marketing campaigns. At just a few cents per text message, you can run highly targeted campaigns and truly leverage mobile as a channel to boost engagement and sales.

Faster deployment

Using an SMS platform, businesses can send bulk SMS messages almost instantly that have a higher readability than messages sent from other marketing channels. It is seen that at least 90% of messages from businesses are read within three minutes of being sent.

(Source: “SMS Open Rates Exceed 99%“, Tatango, 04/10,2013)

Personalized and targeted messages

With most other marketing channels, businesses are often just taking a shot in the dark hoping their message brings footfall to their store or website. However, text messages can be a highly personalized way of communicating with customers or leads, especially when addressing them by their names.

Easy to create and deliver messages

Since SMS messages have a 160-character limit, composing one is faster and simpler, requiring lesser resources and time. With marketing automation, the process becomes vastly more easier. Since customer data and analytics are already fed into the software, it works on its own to create relevant and personalized messages for customers or leads. Once you have selected the right marketing automation system and integrated it with your CRM platform, you can gain access to much more detailed insights into your customers and prospects. These insights will thus help you create the right strategy to engage with your audience.

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