Published on 19 October, 20

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Integration with Gorgias is here!

Allow consumers to open support tickets in Gorgias via texting a trigger keyword to your Voyage send phone number. Use the Gorgias dashboard to communicate with consumers back and forth via SMS.


You can leverage the Gorgias / Voyage integration in the following ways:

  • Make a top impression with your consumers directly through text message conversations
  • Allow consumers to text a keyword such as “ASSIST103” to open a support ticket in Gorgias
  • Reply to these support tickets directly in Gorgias which sends an SMS to the consumer on the same phone number they receive marketing messages

Benefits of integrating with Gorgias

A challenge with customer support these days is it has become robotic. Finding how to contact a brand can be often difficult for customers. Then the back and forth can get lost in a swamped inbox. Now with Gorgias x Voyage, you can communicate consumers where they pay attention (SMS), reducing friction and increasing brand loyalty.

Setting up the Gorgias integration

Note BEFORE starting: Please ask customer support to provide you with your PERSONAL ID, you’ll need to sub it into this URL:[PERSONAL_ID]

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