Published on 6 February, 21

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Massive Needle Movers: Modals

If your site gets more than 1k visitors per week, then you’re likely going to find massive opportunities with some simple tests with Modals. Lead capture is essential to any ecommerce store (it’s no surprise we see modals on the majority of the biggest ecommerce brands). And what’s more fun than running an ab test and making a data driven decision about which copy, design, offer %, etc is best for your business?


  • Modal copy
  • Modal % offers
  • Modal Design
  • Time settings
  • Form fields


When you use the ab testing toggle it alternates showing each of your modals equally. Please make sure you’re running your experiments on enough subscribers to make good decisions. More on statistical significance here.


Scenario: I lead SMS marketing at an ecommerce company and want to maximize my revenue from leads on my website. I’m not sure which discount percentage hits a maxima for revenue. There’s likely a correlation between discount offered, subscriber rate and purchasers. But as you increase you’re eating into your margins. So what is the ideal discount percentage?

Three options to test:

  1. 10%
  2. 15%
  3. 20%

Results and Next Step:

I would run the test on a large enough sample size and then plug in the numbers. You’ll likely need at least ~8000 per test variant to detect a ~20% stat sig difference. More on that using this calculator. You’ll likely get more subscribers and purchasers as you increase discount percentage. But which maximized your revenue?

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