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Integrations: SMS Optimization for Your BigCommerce Brand

BigCommerce brands now have a powerful new integrated tool for leveraging the power of SMS marketing.

SMS compliance

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The Truth About SMS for S.H.A.F.T. Brands

TL;DR: Most Can Still Utilize SMS with Proper Age Gating Sex, Hate, Alcohol, Firearms, and Tobacco. And text messaging. For so-called S.H.A.F.T. companies, keeping in compliance with SMS legislation and carrier rules can seem daunting. Referred to by many businesses as a new “wild west,” in 2021 there’s been a lot of talk (and some confusion) about what is and isn’t permitted for SMS eCommerce, if you operate a brand that might fall under one of these categories. At Voyage SMS, it’s our miss


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Live Conversions: 1-to-1 Customer Engagement – At Scale

Conversion ⚡, much like texting itself, isn’t a one-way street. Marketers know that it often takes several forms and occurrences of messaging to convert a lead into a buyer. Growth channels like SMS 📈 have extended the reach of eCommerce campaigns, but they haven’t changed this fact. Similarly, while the open rates (as high as 98%, to email’s 15%) and click through rates (19% to email’s 2%) for SMS are excellent 📲🙌, even the first click after a blast or drip campaign doesn’t necessarily lea


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CEO Note: Compliance at Voyage SMS

We recently learned that one of our competitors (another SMS marketing provider) is making false claims about our compliance program. I want to assure you that we have always gone above and beyond to make certain our clients are in full compliance with the TCPA, CTIA and other regulatory bodies that may govern application-to-person communications, and marketing via text messaging. And we always will. To ensure a lack of bias in our assessment, we are currently completing a full audit of the V

digital wallet

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Emerging Space: Message Commerce

Despite the fact that nearly 80% of smartphone users made a purchase online using their mobile device within the last six months, desktop continues to lead B2C conversions over mobile commerce (mCommerce). There is great opportunity for eCommerce brands in the space between these two facts, however. And message commerce is the right tool for exploring it – especially for brands with an eye on the future. The Emergence of Message Commerce: Filling a Gap The first purchase on mobile occurred in

Voyage SMS News

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ReSci SMS Integration for an Omni-Channel Experience

Combine the power of SMS and email through the new integration of Retention Science (ReSci) into your Voyage SMS segment builder. Features As part of our ongoing efforts to further optimize your SMS campaigns through smarter and more incisive segmentation and delivery, Voyage SMS has added ReSci to our integrations. You’ll be able to access all your ReSci campaigns in the Voyage SMS segment builder with this new integration. Create custom SMS campaign segments based on whether subscribers recei

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