Published on 9 November, 21

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Black Friday Cyber Monday SMS Deep Dive

Your Guide to Optimizing SMS Strategy for Holiday success

The holiday season is here. With eCommerce projected to reach nearly 20% of all holiday sales in 2021, and over half (56%) of retailers reporting increased investment in SMS – it's never been more crucial to optimize for the highest-quality marketing channel around.

Is your brand ready?

Competition for customer attention and conversion is sure to be swift, given the above projections. SMS click through rates (CTR) were highest in the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving in each of the last two years, with conversions (CVR) higher in the ten days surrounding (Cyber 10).

Planning and executing your SMS campaigns is a good start, but to really optimize your brand may have to do more in 2021.

At Voyage, we believe this starts with quality engagement, conversions that are useful and fun, and an ongoing delightful relationship with audiences that ideally extends far beyond the holiday season.

So tighten those knots and check your fastenings with our BFCM Deep Dive Guide for 2021.

From useful consumer data to real-world success stories from Voyage's shining star clients, this 17 page guide will put wind in your sails as you set out from port with your SMS marketing.

We'll help answer questions like:

  • What should my benchmarks be for CTR, CVR, and ROAS for a successful SMS campaign?
  • What days and times should I send messages for optimized CTR and CVR?
  • How can I differentiate my brand’s messaging and tone in a crowded BFCM space?

We’ll even reveal the secret formula one Voyage client used to achieve a 238% boost in responsiveness by utilizing one simple feature to our platform.

Every captain needs a compass, whether it’s your brand’s first holiday season or your 100th. Download our BFCM Holiday Deep Dive Guide to optimize your SMS marketing for the coming weeks, and extending into the new year.

About Voyage

Voyage, an SMS marketing and message commerce platform, empowers brands to drive revenue and build customer relationships through personalized text messaging — at scale. Try us out on free 30-day trial to see how Voyage can help you ace your next BFCM campaign.

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