Published on 11 October, 21

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How Instagram's New "Link Stickers" Feature Can Positively Impact SMS Marketing

As of August 30th, Instagram has officially retired 😵 their swipe-up feature and introduced "link stickers."

Now, rather than swiping up on an Instagram story, you'll be able to put tappable stickers in your story that lead viewers to an external website.

You might be wondering, "What's so different about link stickers?"

Unlike the swipe-up feature, stickers are fully customizable. You can change the size and style of the sticker and place it anywhere in your Instagram story. This equips you with more options for capturing attention and maximizing engagement 🌱.

These customization options will offer you more opportunities to scale your eCommerce business and boost your SMS subscriber lists.

Considering the LTV of SMS subscribers is 3X higher than other channels, link stickers are a creative and effective way to start building up your list, or to grow it in a smarter way.

Trackable and Flexible, With Voyage Data

Overall, Instagram Link Stickers are a great new way to creatively reach your followers, promote your business, and take your SMS subscriber list to the next level 📈.

These links are also fully trackable, so you can collect more consumer data and analytics from people visiting your website.

Through Voyage's Deep Link functionality, brands can build SMS lists across all not only Instagram, but any and all other web platforms like TikTok, Facebook, and Twitter.

And anytime a social channel makes a change like this, our technology will always adapt 👍.

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