Published on 13 September, 21

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Integrations: SMS Optimization for Your BigCommerce Brand

In time for BFCM (and beyond), BigCommerce brands will be able to seamlessly connect their stores to Voyage's best-in-class SMS marketing functionality.


BigCommerce brands now have a powerful new integrated tool for leveraging the power of SMS marketing.

The Voyage SMS BigCommerce integration will allow you to:

  • Create specific audience segments using your BigCommerce attribute for hyper-targeted messaging.
  • Personalize your SMS messaging with Dynamic Variables
  • Send subscribers a direct Click-to-Buy link to a specific product, and convert based on triggers like Abandoned Cart or Abandoned Checkout, or as a 1:1 response via Live Conversions.
  • Market your entire product catalog to your BigCommerce audiences, after automatic import into the Voyage SMS platform.

Benefits of BigCommerce Brand Integration

This integration empowers BigCommerce brands to utilize Voyage's flexible, data-driven, scalable micro-marketing platform towards their sales and engagement goals.

Your Voyage...just got a whole lot bigger 😉.

New to Voyage SMS?

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