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Introducing Voyage Compass: SMS Services for Enterprise Brands

With U.S. mobile commerce expected to reach $1 trillion by 2027, and 80% of consumers reporting a sub-optimal experience shopping on their mobile devices, the time has come to optimize for smarter SMS marketing.

At Voyage, we love a coupon code, but that's just the start of what this highest-quality marketing channel can do for today's sophisticated enterprise eCommerce brands.

It's no longer about whether or when to use SMS – it's about how well you do it.

We know a little about smarter SMS by now. The Voyage platform was built based on pain points experienced leading our own DTC brands.

And we've been partnering with clients for the past several years to help them successfully engage, convert, and delight customers through the most-intimate channel of SMS.

Voyage Compass, launching today, is a consolidation of all of this – everything we know about SMS and what it can do. It's now available as a single turnkey service offering for delivering long-term customer value.

“Our mission is to create delightful discovery and shopping experiences for brands and customers through SMS. With the launch of Compass, our clients can work with our team of experts to build out an effective and compliant text message program tailored to their brand and tech stack,” said Rev Reddy, CEO of Voyage.

In its most fundamental incarnation, Voyage Compass is a managed service by which enterprise brands can implement SMS right away, with our crew working with and for you towards your engagement, conversion, and brand-building goals.

Voyage Compass in its most comprehensive form is offered at a flat fee, with messages billed at cost.

For brands that want more customized service offerings in leveraging the Voyage platform, any of the services included within Compass can be broken out a la carte, as well.

SMS Strategy Guidance

From foundational strategies for quickly scaling your subscriber lists, to more advanced methods of segmentation and automation, your Voyage Compass team can take on or guide you through strategic optimization for SMS. This is where we think beyond coupon codes and blast messaging.

Course Setting: 360° Digital Marketing Audit

Smarter SMS often starts with a fresh look at your overall digital marketing ecosystem. Your Compass team can look at your current eCommerce pipeline and help identify KPIs, analyze benchmarks specific to your vertical(s), and provide a full view of opportunities and optimizations. SMS works best when aligned with your omnichannel go-to-market strategy.

Creative and Developer Services

With your journey mapped and course set, it's time to Voyage out towards SMS success. You'll need tech structures and creative messaging to match the quality of your customized SMS plan.

Our award-winning team of creatives and seasoned developers (200 eCommerce stores built and managed) will ensure that your SMS pipeline is structured and creatively designed to engage, convert, and delight your customers.

Text COMPASS to +1 (323) 370 0977

As SMS marketing spend and volume only continues to grow YoY (including by 20% in 2020), brands executing qualitatively better campaigns will continue to win out over the competition.

To see how Voyage can help your brand sail towards SMS success, text COMPASS to +1 (323) 370 0977. Or check out the complete details here.

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