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MMS Best Practices to Optimize Performance

At Voyage, we take your account performance very seriously — ROAS is a key metric in our approach to client success. Specific to MMS, when it comes to the cost of a campaign, there's a time and place when these will add value to your messaging.

When to Use MMS, Backed by Our Data

Below are reminders of campaign use cases, where we find MMS perform very well, especially for brand-conscious organizations. Many of these are about cultivating LTV, which is more important than ever as SMS continues to grow as a channel.

  1. Welcome Series: Include an image reflecting your brand's voice and tone to build a deeper relationship with your customers. Particularly with list building, you should have significant "margin" to include an MMS. Images can directly increase initial conversion rates.
  2. Brand Building & Awareness Campaigns: Brands should engage with their subscriber list ideally once per week, to keep their SMS subscriber lists warm. Not doing so can risk your lists feeling exploited only for sales and conversions. GIFs/MMS and emojis (where it fits with your brand voice) are often best used to build brand equity with prospective and current customers in an authentic way.
  3. Product Launches & Waitlists: Showing the product with a visual image increases conversion rates. If you are promoting a broader product line, create a GIF (Voyage GIF Builder Coming Soon) to highlight multiple SKUs.
  4. All Conversion Drips: For Abandoned Browse, Cart, Checkout, and Back-in-Stock notifications, inclusion of a dynamic product image materially increases conversion rates for high intent customers. You can use Voyage's Dynamic Product Image option in your drips to automate this.

As BFCM approaches, hopefully these tips can help get your creative engine running on how to best leverage MMS.

We look forward to seeing the results of your MMS sends in the near future, and we believe you'll be happy to see them, too.

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