Published on 5 October, 21

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Now Arriving: The Deepest Magento SMS Integration on The Market

Magento brands can now effortlessly connect their stores to Voyage’s best-in-class SMS marketing functionality.

Smarter Features for Sophisticated Marketers

The full power of Voyage's smarter, data-driven SMS marketing platform is now available to Magento brands.

With this integration, brands on Magento will be able to:

  • Build and target your audience with your Magento attribute, for hyper-targeted messaging.
  • Personalize SMS marketing messaging with Dynamic Variables.
  • Send direct Click-to-Buy links for a product to your subscribers. Convert sales based on triggers like Abandoned Cart or Abandoned Checkout, or respond personally with Live Conversions.
  • Market your entire brand product catalogue to customers and prospects, following automatic import into the Voyage platform

Benefits: Higher ROAS and Increased Customer Loyalty

With this integration, Magento brands can leverage Voyage’s flexible, data-driven, scalable micro-marketing platform towards higher ROAS and greater engagement.

New to Voyage SMS?

Welcome to SMS success. For more info on how to utilize our platform and its many powerful features towards your omni-channel marketing and sales KPIs, schedule a demo.

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